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CICB works together with several specialists for working and organisational psychology, on a mandatory base as well as in partnership with enterprises. Special formation and experiences are planning, performing and validating complex selection, assessment and development processes, also social competences in working processes, mediation, solutions in situations of stress and mobbying, and computer-based personnel-selection-instruments.

Reppas_thumb Mónica Reppas-Schmid was born in Bolivia; she is founder of the Swiss company Living Cultures; she is a teacher and holder of the masters degree in Intercultural Relations at Lesley University (USA). Her main professional tasks are preparing and coaching of families during stays abroad as well as training of teachers at international schools.
Neidhart_thumb Dominik Neidhart is a top athlete and member of the Alinghi sailing-team (winner America’s Cup 2003 and 2007). In the year 2000 he won, as first Swiss citizen, the Louis-Vuitton-Cup. In the Alinghi team he worked as „Grinder”, one of the most strenuous jobs on board which requires tremenduous power, endurance and mental stability. Now he is still an active sailor, works in a consulting firm and performs as a very successful adviser.
AndreasCanziani_thumb Dr. med. Andreas Canziani is the owner of Ressourcen-Akademie in Zurich / Switzerland. He is a systemic coach, trainer and supervisor for profit- and non-profit-organisations. As a psychiatrist with own doctor's practice he is an expert for job-related stress disorders and health management. He is Managing Director Medical Support at Brainjoin, Member of the Commission of Experts at Swiss Casino Association, Member of the Social Advisory Board of Swiss Casinos, InsightsMDi-Mentor and holding several positions as Medical Advisor, Referee and Assessor.
Prawda_thumb Philosopher Dr. Gale Prawda is the founder of the Café Philo in Paris and London. She is member of numerous philosophical associations in France, England and the USA, and has a teaching assignment at the „Rouen School of Management”. She is well known through her works and leading discussions in critical thinking, credibility and business ethics.


Further lecturers, translators and consultants are working for CICB, currently on a freelance base or as partners on mandate base.