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New structure, expansion and new location

The successful development of our activities, the market and the chances and possibilities of the overall situation led to significant developments in our company – both in the individual areas and in the company as a whole. Especially with proTalent (assessment and development of potential for adults), CACB (assessment and coaching on behalf of companies) and PsYkids (psychological practice for children, teenagers and families), the demand is such that we have adapted our company structure and expanded the areas. Our headquarters have also been significantly upgraded through the purchase of an ideally suited property with sufficient space.

The name of our group of companies is now Kairos Group Ltd. (formerly CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd). In ancient Greece, the term Kairos describes a god of luck who catches the right moment to make a decision: thanks to knowledge, experience, intuition and self-confidence. This symbolism applies to all areas of our activities where we support our customers and patients in recognizing the right time and implementing the right procedure.

The corporate structure of Kairos Group Ltd:

Since January 2022, the address of our headquarters is Kleinschönberg 75, 1700 Fribourg. In a very quiet quarter, in an elevated position on the outskirts of Fribourg and easily accessible both by car (5 minutes from the city center) and by public transport (terminus station Schönberg-Dunant, bus 2 with 11 minutes travel time from Freiburg train station, and then approximately 5 minutes to walk).



Das CICB Center of Intercultural Competence ist Teil des Unternehmens Kairos Group AG, Aktiengesellschaft mit Eintrag im Handelsregister von Fribourg/Freiburg, Nr. CH-217.3.544.862-5, und der Unternehmens-Identifikations-Nr. (UID) CHE-115.686.300.

Adresse: Kairos Group AG, Kleinschönberg 75, CH-1700 Freiburg (Schweiz)

Telefon: +41 26 322 26 00

Fax: +41 26 322 26 06

Kontaktperson: Thomas Baumer




Webmaster: Julie Baumer, 1700 Fribourg

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