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20 years CICB Center of Intercultural Competence (May 2020)

Twenty years ago, in May 2000, CICB Center of Intercultural Competence has been founded.

Ten years ago, in May 2010, the company has been transferred into a limited (incorporated) company – CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd., with two sections being focused mainly onto customers from other companies:

  • Intercultural competence (research as well as courses, preparation for assignments abroad, personality and company analyses):
    CICB Center of Intercultural Competence
    Manager: Thomas Baumer
  • Assessment, coaching and outplacement (with or without an intercultural emphasis):
    CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching
    Manager: Thomas Baumer

In october 2014 the psychological practice PsYkids has been founded and integrated into CICB Ltd.:

  • Personal Assessment, counseling and coaching for children, teenagers and families (with or without an intercultural emphasis):
    Psychology Practice PsYkids
    Manager: Dr. Julie Baumer

Finally, in September 2017, as the fourth section within CICB Ltd., the practice for coaching and psychology proTalent has been founded:

  • Checkup, Personal development and Coaching (with or without an intercultural emphasis):
    proTalent Coaching and Psychology Practice
    Manager: Dr. Julie Baumer and Thomas Baumer

Herewith, all aspects within analysis of personality and abilities, developement of talents and potentials as well for companies and their employees (mainly with CICB and CACB) as for private persons (with PsYkids and proTalent) can now be focused, offering plenty of synergies, for our clients with a maximum benefit – but the same for us as supporting and accompanying professionals this gives a big satisfaction within our experienced, independent and transparent activities, targeted solely on the success in the demand and further development of our clients.

We are very happy to see our company and activities developing and expanding now since 20 years in such an enjoyable way, and that we are able to offer as well breadthwise (quantitatively) as depthwise (qualitatively) services which cover a broad interest, and that we may not only fullfill our customers expectations, but often exceed them. So we wish to say thank you for this exceptional and enriching cooperation on such a professional and vocational, but very often also personal level.


Safety measures against Corona-Virus (Covid-19)

The current situation with the Corona-Virus (Covid-19) leads to changes in many ways and needs organisational adaptations, but also in form and content. Security distances within our practice have been adjusted, articles of daily use and working surfaces are regularly desinfected. Extensive preventive measures against the Corona virus were taken, including plexiglass panes and a climate protection device that filters aerosols, also carriers of the Corona virus, from the room air. Hand sanitizer spray / gel and protective masks are available; work materials and surfaces as well as other sensitive areas (toilets, washbasins, door handles, chairs, tables, armchairs) are cleaned regularly and a surface disinfectant spray is applied. Several meetings are performed by video-conference.

Topics of conversation are sometimes the additional current challenges in many ways, including uncertainities and fears. Once more we see that a basic confidence into our fellow human beings is essential, but definitely too into ourselves (self-confidence) as well as the stability in our relationships in professional activities and family play an essential role. It shows up that already positive and constructive relationships undergo a further enhancement and strenghtening, while existing tensions and problems are showing up more severe with bad impact in a negatively sustainable way.

The current situation with the virus demands also adjustments on the personal side. Thus, emotional stability and self-competence are, among empathiy and intuition, the base for constructive social relationships as well as success. It is a senseful and satisfying task for us to conduct and accompany our clients and customers already since 20 years on the way of discovering, encouraging and promoting strenghts and talents.