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The CICB Center of Intercultural Competence (Baumer) is, as far as we know, the first and only institute worldwide offering an independent and comprehensive survey of assessments and measuring tools of intercultural competence.

Our services are

  • complete overview of the topic Intercultural Competence, including sensitivity, knowledge and ability to communicate successfully with other people, especially with people of other cultures and backgrounds. Overview about psychological facts, human rights, economical influences, communication science and marketing, Public Relations and media-work.
  • specific characteristics of main countries and cultures in the world: thinking patterns, behaviour, expressions, religion, ethics, moral; different medical and psychiatric treatments, understandings and behaviour.
  • differentiation between emotional intelligence, emotional competence, social competence, emotional sensitivity and motivation.
  • introduction to the definitions of freedom, of the ways of searching the sense of life, faith and happiness in different cultures.
  • independent presentation of the main currently existing tools in measuring and teaching intercultural competence in a worldwide overview.
  • interacting teaching of standard and individual modules.
  • mediation within negotiations or conflicts which are difficult or even seem unsolvable.
  • individual consulting and coaching.
  • analysis of enterprises, cultural audit, cultural due diligence.
  • cultural change: initiation, monitoring and ensuring sustainability.
  • personnel selection and assessments.
  • outplacement.
  • preparation for stays abroad and negotiations.
  • lectures and presentations.
  • comparison of existing tools, further information and recommendation / offer of courses at all main institutions worldwide working on intercultural competence.
  • offering specific approved tools to assess intercultural competence.

Services summary as PDF


As a center of competence we offer, constantly updated

  • all available information about intercultural competence worldwide
  • a survey about all available assessment- and measuring tools for intercultural competence and related specialities worldwide
  • courses and individual consulting
  • organisation of courses with other companies, organizations and universities
  • sales of selected books, software and other tools related to information and assessments of intercultural competence and related specialities
  • newsgroup and communication on the internet, by mail and direct contacts
  • newsletters


Corona-Virus (Covid-19)

Our enterprise remains open. In order to prevent Corona Virus, various measures have been put in place, including the use of a climate protection device that filters aerosols from the room air, as well carriers of the Corona Virus (details here).


Places and languages

Activities, courses and contacts are worldwide in English, German, French and Spanish (at the clients or other places, when people from different companies are participating); other languages on request.